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This is a truly great interview and a conversation I won’t soon forget.

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A Friend Said Something I’ll Never Forget

Writing a book is lonely.

Being creative is fun, and the creativity itself is its own reward. Or else no one would follow through on creative projects.

But writing a book can certainly be a lonely pursuit. Also, writing is hard.

Often, you are doing so on faith. In yourself, that you’ll get it done right and well, That you’ll say what you want and need to say. And in future readers, that they’ll see what you’ve done and appreciate and understand it.

There’s a reason people who don’t write–or follow other creative avenues–will say, to those who do, “You should get a real job.” It is because these people see art as something done to while away hours. To them, a good life is a life where one has enough money to provide for their loved ones, does their work, and comes home tired at the end of the day, knowing their paycheck is their good and just–if not always high-paying–reward.

Authors, artists, and actors, on the other hand: sure, we’d love to get paid for what we do. Because we, too, like to, and must, eat. Some get paid quite handsomely. Most… do not. But for us the bigger reward is in the work we’re doing, the messages we spread, the pages we gray, and in knowing that, in the world right now, someone is reading our words. Someone is watching our films. Someone is being ever-so-slightly changed by something we put into the universe that would not exist if we hadn’t first thought it into being.

This weekend, a surprise party was held at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I did not know the party was happening. Because the surprise party was for me, in celebration of the release of my long-in-the-works novel, What Death Taught Terrence. https://smile.amazon.com/Death-Taught-Terrence-Derek-McFadden/dp/1733396314/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Derek+McFadden&qid=1582546064&sr=8-1

A good friend of mine from back east, the author Bradley Harper, stayed with us for the weekend to attend what I thought was a business meeting for which he’d flown in. Again, surprise party. I had no idea.

But I got to show Brad around my neck of the woods. We ate more food this weekend than I’ve eaten in the last three weeks combined. And then, just before the “business meeting,” which was, of course, the surprise party, Brad said to me, “You know, you’re a very lucky man.”

I agreed, though I thought the comment a tad out of place. This was about his business meeting. Other than the fact that I was attending and deeply support his work, it was not about me.

As I walked into my surprise party, to find out it was all about me, filled with friends–some of whom I hadn’t seen in years–I was so glad Brad said what he did. Not just because he was right, not just because I needed to hear it, but frankly because it was what my grandfather, my Papa Dick, would have said to me, if he were still alive. Since he’s not, my Papa sent a trusted friend to speak those words in his place.


I thank them both.

And I thank you, dear reader. Authors would be nothing without the eyes and ears and touches (should you read in braille) that allow you to take in our words. And, for us, aside from the occasional surprise parties or, if we’re lucky, awards, your reading our work is the reward that follows the reward of pure creation which spurred us on.



Most Anticipated Books Of 2020

I am one of those people who not only writes but also can often be found searching the net for the most anticipated books of the coming year. Everyone makes their list of such books. From The New York Times to The Guardian to Entertainment Weekly, the lists go on and on and on, and they can get very specific.

-Best Sci-fi

-Best Romance

-Best YA

-Best books to read while eating popcorn in a movie theater.

Okay, so that last one… probably not. But the others I’ve seen for sure.

As an author with a book coming soon, I dream of my book one day appearing on such lists. I believe What Death Taught Terrence is more than worthy of the notice. Sure, I’m biassed, but I also know books.

I’ve read books critically for years, in hopes of helping to find the best ones for and with an extremely kind and very talented literary agent. I’ve edited those same books and others for years, too. Worked with authors who knew my value and appreciated my takes on their work.

Some of these authors have even been kind enough to read What Death Taught Terrence and then to offer me their honest and constructive thoughts. From these conversations, and several others I’ve had with other literary agents, I know my book is worth the time of many a reader, and that if a reader picked up my book, they would certainly not be disappointed.

The thing about being what nowadays is called an “Indie-author: the toughest thing to do is to get the word out about your book. There are so many books being published each day that a book is more likely to drown under the deluge of other literary hopefuls than it is to ever be noticed. So sometimes one has to be creative. Sometimes one has to advise all the readers out there that:

-The Most Anticipated Novel of 2020 is:

What Death Taught Terrence, by Derek McFadden and available 2/11/20 from Kenboski & Seidenverg Books!!!

Pre-order your copy today! And please share your thoughts via Goodreads!








A New York Times Bestseller? Maybe!

What Death Taught Terrence, the best book you’ll read next year (Sure, I’m biassed, but it’s true.) is four months from release. As that date nears, my mind likes to work through and recall all the writing that led to this book. From the first time I dictated a Berenstain Bears fan-fic at seven years old (Yes, that did happen.) to a teacher’s aid who wrote it with a smile to the last edit of Terrence thirty years later.

I don’t remember everyone who loved my writing in that time. Which is unfortunate. But I remember each and every person who ever said to me, in not so many words, You’re not gonna make any money writing, and the like. I recall how angry this sentiment made me at first, before something my grandfather said to me when I was young resurfaced in my crowded mind: “If you write something, and you love it, and you do the best you can, that’s all you can do.”

As much as I’d like to make certain What Death Taught Terrence will be a New York Times Bestseller, there’s no way to do this.

All I can do is hope you, Dear Reader, will give me one chance to tell you a story that matters to me deeply.

What Death Taught Terrence is available February 11th, 2020. It is now available for pre-order on Kindle and in hardcover. You will not be disappointed!






Terrence Is On His Way!!!!

Hi, everybody:

For the last little bit, I’ve been semi-regularly crowing to anyone who’ll listen about my upcoming book, What  Death Taught Terrence. Twelve years of work spent creating the truest piece of fiction I could manage.  (A lifetime of research before that.)

As an author of fiction, I want to dabble in truth. Hopefully I manage to do more than simply dabble. Doing this makes stories more real. Makes them easier for readers to fall into and to fall in love with.

Well, after twelve years, I have something now with which I genuinely hope you’ll fall in love.

What Death Taught Terrence is available for pre-order on Kindle now! (It will also be available for pre-order in a handsome hardcover edition soon.) But if you read via kindle, and you want a book you’ll never forget, you can pre-order Terrence now. You’ll meet him on February 11th, 2020! Here’s the link!

Happy reading!

The Book Is Coming!

An author knows more about their characters than he or she ever provides. Whether we realize it at the time of composition, or much later when we’re revising, we have at our disposal tons of background knowledge that helps to inform us–and our readers–as to the lives of those we create.

A beta-reader said of Terrence McDonald, the main character for my upcoming novel, What Death Taught Terrence:

“To me, Terrence felt real, and I truly came to love Terrence as a person, not just as a character.”

An author could not hope for a better assessment, and this one spurred me on. This book I love so much, filled with these characters I love so much… this book for which I spent my whole life researching and the better part of eleven years writing and editing… it is coming!

In the book, though no date is ever specifically put forth, it is inferred that our main character, Terrence, celebrates his birthday in the waning winters of February. Therefor, it is my intent to publish What Death Taught Terrence first as a kindle e-book, followed by a paperback edition, in February of 2020, with the big day tentatively set to arrive February 11th. An audio-book edition will follow months later. The book should be available for pre-order on Kindle within months, and I will update you when the ability to pre-order this edition goes live on Amazon.

If you love It’s A Wonderful Life, if you’re taken to someplace fantastic every time you watch Field Of Dreams, then What Death Taught Terrence is for you. If you think it’s time that handicapped characters in literature accurately reflect the lives of the handicapped, rather than being used by authors as saintly devices whose only purpose in a story is to teach able-bodied characters how to live, then What Death Taught Terrence is for you. If you read books like The Five People You Meet In Heaven and, while you enjoy the story, you think there could–and maybe should–be more substance in such books, I agree with you, and I aim to provide both good story and substance you can discuss later in Terrence. If you’re part of a book club, Terrence  is for you. In fact, he’s eager to meet you!

When I began writing my novel, I did so at the urging of friends and family. You’re such a good writer, they said, either in not so many words, or sometimes in those exact words. Which always made me feel a little bit abashed. I appreciated the sentiment, but I was never really sure how I should respond. Thank you just didn’t seem like enough. You should write a memoir, these kind folks would tell me.

Twenty-six-year-old me scoffed at this memoir idea. What did I have to say at twenty-six? I sat with the idea for a couple days and decided my story wouldn’t be a memoir; it would be a novel.

“I think I can do this quick,” I remember saying. “I’ll make sure it’s done well, but I should have a book in two years.” That, my friends, is a writer unfamiliar with the process of writing for publication. I have since become intimately familiar with it.

Two years produced not a book but the first of many, many drafts. Only then did it become clear to me that seventy-five percent of writing is in the editing process.

More than eleven years will have passed between the first keystrokes of my novel and its worldly date of birth when I bring it to you beginning February 11th, 2020. In between the lines, so much hard work rests. I would be honored with your readership and humbled by your spending time with Terrence and his family.

Mark it on your calendars, folks. February 11th, 2020 you will meet Terrence and find out just what death taught him!



My Front Cover Is HERE!

You guys…. You GUYS….

I am so proud to announce that the front cover for my upcoming novel, What Death Taught Terrence, is HERE… and I happen to think it’s beautiful. I’d love to hear your thoughts, readers! We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does it. Does this coer say buy and read me???

Please like the book’s page at http://www.facebook.com/whatdeathtaught

You will receive updates about the book and be THE FIRST to know of its upcoming release, likely in 2020. Terrence CAN’T WAIT to meet all of you!

For now… here it is… THE COVER!!!