I’m Not Gonna Tell Another Story About…

I’m not gonna tell another story about a girl on a train who is also gone and has also fallen from the sky and gotten a dragon tattoo, only to become the woman in the window in her agoraphobic middle-age.  It’s not that those stories aren’t interesting.  They’ve been told, though, and they’re not mine to tell. I definitely don’t want to tell tired rehashings of them. People will do exactly this, however, and the books will sell until the reading public realizes they’re being fed the same exact story for the tenth straight year.

What I want to tell is my story. Because in telling my story in a fictionalized form, I let my story live and become my story that is also your story, and the story of your neighbor, and so on. If I don’t tell my story, my life experience is lost to everyone but me, and what can be learned in such a loss other than sadness and regret? So tell your stories. Read original stories. Write the story or act the character or paint the painting you need to see in the world.