New To Twitter, After This Weekend This Writer Feels Inspired!

What a weekend!

It was one of those low-key weekends at the end of which you feel like not much happened exactly, and yet your whole life just changed for the better in a small but wonderful way. I spent it with my kind, funny, pretty-dang-awesome girlfriend. Together, we reworked my query letter, got her connected to a fantasy football league (she drafted before me this year), took in a Seahawks preseason game from the comfort of my “Seahawks Man-Cave” (or so says a banner on my wall)  and watched three dogs–two German Shepherds and our visitor-in-residence, a golden doodle named Finn. (Everyone here just loves him!) We picked blackberries and put them in shortcake and on waffles. We read Harry Potter (she’s finished the series; I’m working on it; almost through book 5).

She’s reading–and read this weekend–a book called The Lost Prince by an author named Selden Edwards, after reading his first novel, The Little Book, on my recommendation. If you like historical fiction, you should give it a look! And I sent off my rehab-ed query (it’s much better!) and joined twitter, that last action something that had been suggested to me multiple times but which I had been resisting because I just didn’t know what to expect. (Change is scary for everyone, but when you’re a writer, and that change can make it at all easier for you to get your words read, sometimes you just gotta take the plunge and hope.)

Taking the plunge and hoping, feeling newly inspired, with a new football season– fantasy and otherwise–near on the horizon, I say life is looking good!

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