Some Advice I’ve Decided To Give Myself….

A tad bit of context. The advice you’re about to read is for writers, but really it’s for anyone with a passion. It’s relatively simple to give, too (advice always is). It’s the sticking to it that’s sometimes tough.

I was going through some of my old writings last night. Stuff I wrote when I was in a completely different head-space. It was like reading the words of another author. Thankfully, it was like reading the words of another author I admired, and not one I couldn’t believe wanted to call themselves an author. *Grin.*

Reading those words brought me to a realization. It’s one I come to about once a month, but this time it really seemed to crystallize.

I am really hard on myself.

I am such a technical writer, and proud of it. The thing is, when you write fiction (or, for non-writers, when you really want to delve deep into that passion of yours) it’s best to do so in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. Don’t worry about that first draft. You’re going to want to worry (or I always do), but just don’t. That worry serves no purpose other than to stall you.


But no agent will read my stuff.

Forget that. They may never read your stuff, and that hurts. It stings deep, I know. But if they don’t read it, let the reason be because they were wrong not to read it, and not because you never sat down to write it.

If you think, What I just wrote there in that last paragraph sounds wrong, (and there will be times this thought comes to you), you may be right. It might be the worst passage you’ve ever put on paper. But let it rest. Let it sit. Come back to it later, and you might find out it’s by an author you admire.