The Best New TV Show Of The Season Is…..

If you had told me, my loyal follower who has waited with me through the long editing process for my book (which should be done by week’s end, I say as I cross my fingers), that the best new show of the season (Gotham is good, not great, A To Z could be good, if NBC doesn’t give up on it, NBC’s Mary Me looks kinda lame, but we’ll see as it airs tonight, and I suppose someone thinks Black-ish is a good show, but I have yet to meet that person) would be a little show on The CW, I would have said you were crazy.
(By the way, a note to TV networks: How am I supposed to take you seriously when your network’s name begins with the word The? No one would watch The NBC or The CBS. Zuckerberg was told to drop The from Facebook. So from now on, you are CW. Are we clear? Just CW, and that is all.)
So now to the best new show of the season. It is….
Jane The Virgin.
Granted, the premise sounds a little nuts. Religious young woman, saving herself until her nuptials, is artificially inseminated at what should be a routine checkup.
Huh? What is he telling me to watch?
I know it sounds weird. But trust me. It’s got the most heart of any of the new shows this fall. It’s got a girl destined for breakout stardom (Gina Rodriguez as Jane), and it’s got muscle behind it: CW likes it, and I think knows what they have, and it was brought to America by the same guy who brought Ugly Betty to ABC.
It may not seem like your cup of tea, but give it a chance. It airs Mondays, but the pilot airs again at 8 P.M. Friday, right before no one watches another season of America’s Next Top Model.
Jane The Virgin will air regularly Mon. 9 P.M. out of some show called The Originals, spun off of The Vampire Diaries. And now, after writing that last sentence, I need to feel like a man again. When’s the next football game? Thursday, get here quick!