Happy 4th!

I’m back from my 4th of July vacation. The vacation also functioned as a respite of sorts. Away from my editing implements. They called to me. I refused to respond.
I am thankful for this respite. Sometimes, an author just needs a break. Non-writers may think the craft comes easily to us, but authors know otherwise. They know it can be tortuous at times, and that much of that torture is self-imposed.
Fireworks. A walk through the history museum. Lunch and dinner out with people who remind you life isn’t as hard as you sometimes make it. Oh, yeah, and freshly popped popcorn; salted, of course. That’s the way to go, I say!
As the editing process continues, I may not post a new blog every day, but stop by, check in! I’m glad to see you, and I hope you’ll follow me. New blogs will appear regularly.

4 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. As they say, you can take the man away from the typewriter, but you can’t take the typewriter out of the man (like that would be really painful)!

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