The Happiest Place On Earth

Disneyland is, indeed, that place. And I’ve never been happier than when I’m riding through Tomorrow Land, Adventure Land, and their kin. For someone like me, it’s an even happier place than it might be for you.


Simple. I don’t have to walk that maze of perfectly manicured streets. It’s the one time I will okay riding in a wheelchair. And, the biggest perk: No lines. Or, at worst, very short lines.

The fact is, at Disneyland, I’m not different. I’m just me, and it just so happens that I’m also a V.I.P. Five friends or family can come with me to the front of the lines, too.

Guess who becomes the most popular person when a Disney trip is on the horizon? Thank you, Disney, for recognizing how nice it is to be able to fully enjoy your park, and for cutting down on those visitors who rent wheelchairs only to avoid the lines. I avoid those lines because I need to.
Thank you, also, for giving a kid who faced a monumental surgery the childhood memory of a lifetime. I got to meet Mickey Mouse at four years old. To the Disney folks, it probably seemed so simple, maybe even trivial. To a kid who'd just been through the kind of experience no one wants to face–the kind of experience that sometimes must be faced–it meant everything.

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