Bet On Yourself

Welcome to Wednesday.

After just short of a week’s worth of blogging, I have already learned so much about myself. Mainly that, in my creative writing, I have been holding myself back; telling myself, “Nope. You can’t write that sentence or that paragraph.” (Thanks to my own worst critic for those nonsensical gems.)

When I ask why, the response always differs just a little, but it’s always pretty much the same deal. “People won’t get it. They won’t get you. They’ll tell you you’re writing wrong.”

I don’t know about you, but many writers I know–heck, many people I know–have, at least once in their lives, not written out in full, or (in the case of non-writer folks) not had the guts to do something they later wished they had, and they looked back on the missed opportunity with regret. Why do these writers not write, these people not do as they wish?

They’re afraid of doing–or writing–wrong.

Think about this, if you’re feeling kind of stuck and wondering if you should write that novel, go for that new job, take that leap of faith, etc. What is the worst that will happen if you give yourself permission to say, “Yes, I want to do that” or if you jump in headfirst with blinders on and say, “I’ll trust myself and write that book”?

If the answer is, someone might say you did it all wrong, do it, anyway. Because you have just as much chance of getting it right.

Bet on yourself.

Now let’s see if, going forward, I can take my own advice. *Grin.*


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